Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I truly don't understand why I can't focus long enough on one thing to get something done. Perhaps it's just that I'm easily bored; and things that need focus are boring to me. Which they generally are. Cleaning my room? Boring. Not interested. It's not that messy anyway. (I say this but I have a pile of laundry that needs to be put away in one corner.) Really. It's not that bad.

This relates to WoW, in that, I can never seem to buckle down and do more than a few dailies. You know why? Because doing the same thing, over and over again, day after day, is boring. Despite the reward, it's just not worth it to me.

On the upside, I've been raiding Kara fairly regularly with a cool bunch of people. I have fun and laugh almost the entire time. My last guild (which I did recently quit), had none of that. Raiding was srs business for them, which isn't bad. But there's no real need to be totally serious on trash pulls. I can understand seriousness much more during a boss fight than on trash. Hell, even on the boss fights we have fun. No one gets upset at a wipe.

In regards to real life, I graduated from high school on June 9th. I've been applying for jobs everywhere for about a month and the only place that called back was Safeway, which isn't bad and I would have taken the job, but it was from midnight-4AM or so, which is not something I can do. At all. Perhaps if I could drive on my own. (Which I can in October! Yay!)

Anyhow these are just some boring updates. Unfortunately, it's been hellishly hot these past few days and there's a big crack in my window so my bedroom retains none of the AC. And it doesn't look like it's going to be fixed anytime soon.


Monday, February 11, 2008

I've been a bad blogger.

I've been neglecting my blog.

How is a blog to thrive if it is not fed and watered at least once a week with juicy posts?

I'm a bad, bad blogger.

Well, then. Some updates:

1) I've quit WoW. Not for good, but, for a few months at least.
2) I'm buckling down in school to attempt to graduate on time. Thus far I'm doing semi-okay.
3) I'm taking night school. It's two nights a week for nearly four hours. Each night. Yuck.
4) Somewhat related to school, I freaking love working in the darkroom during my Photography class. Been looking into building one myself. Supposedly, it's not as expensive as one might think.

That's about it.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Things Which Inspire Me

Mostly, it's people. Most of those people conviently write blogs, thus, my inspiriation. I'd just like to take the time right now to give a little shout out to all the wonderful bloggers who inspire me without even trying.

First off, BigRedKitty...His was the first WoW blog that I read, and he made me proud to know that I had picked right back when my hunter was a wee little level ten, in going BM.

From BRK's blog, I found Mr. Big Bear Butt. He's taught me a bit about druid tanking, and is always good for a fun read.

Then Ratshag! The silly Orc makes me like playing my warrior and is a highly entertaining fellow.

And last but not least, TJ. She's just all around awesome and probably the most inspiriational to me. She's got attitude and isn't afraid to use it! (Her wit, too.)

They're all awesome, check 'em out!

Monday, November 26, 2007

I Think This Pretty Much Sums it Up.

Not having a good day in Blade's Edge.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Getting there!

Woo! This is my next bit from the story, bringing my word count up to 2591. Not quite my goal, but a good product for today.


As he dozed off, he thought about Amelisa, the odd woman from earlier. He wondered just what she had meant when she had asked his master for him as a ‘pet’, and why her taking him away would be beneficial to him. It didn’t seem to make any sense. How would it be helpful? Kailen was there to help his master, and did his best to do precisely that. What the woman had said made no sense, and Kailen decided that it was better not to think about it. Soon enough, he slipped into slumber, clutching a pillow to his chest. He didn’t dream.
Sometime nearing one in the morning, a strong hand shook him awake, a voice urgently urging him to hush and get dressed, not to voice an objection. Used to obeying orders without question, Kailen rolled out of bed, stumbling in the dark to his wardrobe, getting down a wool jacket, knowing that it would be cold. If someone was telling him to dress, that meant that they would be leaving the warmth of his master’s home.
“Quickly,” a voice murmured in his ear, a hand lightly touching his shoulder, “We must be leaving this place.”
Kailen only nodded, not wanting to risk speaking, it seemed a bad idea. The unseen intruder took hold of his upper arm, pulling him in the direction of the door. The intruder pressed his shoes into his hands and he grasped at them, now worried at why they might be leaving. He started to dig in his heels, not wanting to go with a stranger, especially in the middle of the night. But the trespasser was too strong for him, and easily pulled him along.
Opening the door, a shaft of light revealed who the intruder was. It was his master, Darrius. He could but wonder as to why he would be in his room so late at night, and urging him to leave no less. His master opened the door wider, tugging him out into the hallway. “We must make –“
His words cut off when a dark shape shot from out of nowhere and barreled into Kailen, sending him tumbling across the wood-paneled floor. When he finally stopped, he saw he was pinned under a very pretty woman with golden blonde hair. She smiled cruelly down at him, her upper lip curling up over her teeth, revealing an abnormally long set of canines. They appeared to be razor sharp. Leaning forward, he felt her cool breath over the side of his neck, but he could do nothing to stop her, frozen as he was by fear. Her voice purred into his ear, “You smell like a delicious treat…” Kailen screamed as her teeth sank into his neck, piercing his flesh. Try as he might, he couldn’t break free of her grasp; she seemed to have amazing strength. Soon, he fell into a sweet darkness. It enveloped his body and his limbs fell limp, his vision fading. The last thing he saw was a shadowy silhouette tearing the blonde woman’s body off him, slamming her against the wall.
Darrius growled in disgust as he tossed aside the woman’s now dead body. She had harmed Kailen, yes, but she had paid for that with her life. He glanced around; making sure the area was safe for the moment. He scooped Kailen up into his arms, holding the boy protectively against his chest. He could feel blood oozing from the wound in his neck to permeate his clothes and he cursed under his breath, knowing that if he didn’t get away and stop the bleeding, Kailen would die, and all this would be pointless.
He ran as fast as he could through the halls, skidding around corners and almost falling several times. But, he maintained his balance and soon reached the front entrance, breathing heavily. Checking on Kailen once more, he was worried to find that his bleeding had slowed slightly, but not nearly enough. Kailen was running out of time. He yanked the heavy front doors open with one hand, gasping slightly at the sight that greeted him. There were a row of people standing there, certainly of the family of bloodsuckers that had invaded his home. Cautiously, he clutched Kailen closer to him, the boy nuzzling against his shoulder in his unconsciousness.
“What is it you want,” Darrius hissed, his tone leaving no doubt as to the thinly veiled threat.
“Oh, Darrius, why do you always assume we want something from you?” Their apparent leader, a lithe man dressed in a smart black suit stepped forward from the line, “What if we simply wanted a taste of blood, and your servants are such…easy targets.”
“I know you. You want something from me,” Darrius didn’t back down, glaring at the man.


Thanks for reading!

Cold Temperatures = A Happy Me

So, anyway, as this month is November, I've decided to try my hand at NaNoWriMo, along with a friend of mine. Unfortunately, the site is down currently, but check it out whenever it comes up.

I started last night and hit 1791 words, which is good for the first bout of writing. Well, I've decided to post what I have so far, simply as an example of what I can do. I don't like to toot my own horn, but I think it's good. :)

Act of absolving; a freeing from blame or guilt; release from consequences, obligations, or penalties.

It was a bad idea, and he knew it. It was always a bad idea to bother the master. However, he did not have much of a choice. Sucking in a breath through his teeth, he raised a hand to knock, simultaneously tucking a stray lock of raven black hair behind an ear. Before he could knock, he heard his master’s voice bidding him enter, and a chill ran down his spine, wondering how he had been heard. He cracked the door open and peeked in cautiously before stepping inside.
The tall man sitting at the desk look up at him over square rimmed glasses, “Yes, Kailen?” He was a handsome man by anyone’s standards, perfectly pale skin, his dark hair kept trimmed and tidy, clothes always sharply pressed. Many would kill to get a chance to be his wife, or lover. His mistress, even. But Darrius had never taken a wife of his own, and none could fathom why. Most did not ask. He was a man of high standard in the town, and well respected for being nothing less than a gentleman. He gave Kailen a kind smile, seeming to respect him, though he was a servant in his household.
“Master, there is a visitor at the door. Shall I let her in?” He seemed awed to be in his master’s presence, almost uncertain of how to act or speak to him. Kailen was perfectly subservient, and more than happy to do any task that was asked of him. But he could never seem to find a proper way to act in front of his master. He was constantly stuttering and bowing, trying to make him smile, or to please him with his service. It wasn’t hard, Darrius was a kind master, and seemed to always be pleased with whatever Kailen did.
“Yes, please do. Bring her here, will you?”
The boy bowed and left, heading through the winding halls to the front entrance hall. His shoes echoed on the tiled floors as he paced through quickly, occasionally passing cleaning staff or cooks from the kitchens. Kailen was rather young, the youngest servant in the house, hardly past eighteen years of age. His relationship with his master suited both well, however, as Kailen had food, clothing, and a roof over his head. He needed little else. Darrius got a servant who would do anything that he asked of him, Kailen would even slit his own throat in a heartbeat for him.
Upon reaching the alcove where the woman waited, he sank into a bow to her, murmuring that she was to follow him. Her eyes watched him much like a hawk’s, and they were just as unsettling. She nodded to him, her black dress swishing around her legs when she stood, ready to follow. Her dress was tight and left little to the imagination, only becoming looser around her legs, where it nearly trailed the floor. She was beautiful, and no doubt deadly, this woman was rumored to be a sorceress.
As he led her back through the corridors, he wondered idly why she would be paying his master a visit. Perhaps he had asked her to come, but she had not mentioned that, and surely she would, if she was invited? Deep in his thoughts, he nearly passed his master’s study. He came to a lurching halt, bowing once more to the woman as he opened to door for her to enter. “Master, ah…” he realized that the woman hadn’t given him her name, and he flushed with embarrassment, snapping his mouth closed.
“Amelisa,” her voice was quiet, cool and collected, like silk slipping through your fingers. She looked briefly at Kailen, flashing him a smile that showed no pleasure, nor happiness, just duty. He bowed deeply; closing the door behind her once she had entered. He stepped to the side, his back resting lightly against the wall, prepared to wait until she came back out so that he might escort her from his master’s home.
Soon he could overhear raised voices, primarily the woman’s, and her tone was vicious. Fidgeting nervously, he glanced down the hall. He wouldn’t want someone to find him and think he was eavesdropping, but what else was he to do? He had to please his master. He lived for it. A smile from Darrius was the air in his lungs, knowing that he had served him well, his sunshine. When a day went by that his master did not need something, he feel useless. It was torturous for him. Like he was no longer a good servant. And, when his master asked something of him, it was his greatest joy to fulfill it.
Amelisa’s voice raised enough on the other side of the door for him to hear what she said. “Come now, Darrius, you mean to tell me that boy means something to you?” her voice seethed with menace, a hidden threat waiting to be unleashed.
His master’s response came too quiet for him to hear, and Kailen could only hope that it was affirming the woman’s question. A moment later the door crashed open and he jumped back in surprise, not having a moment to even attempt to voice a protest as Amelisa grabbed him by his shirt collar and dragged him into the room. Her hand on his shoulder forced him to the floor, and he dared not even look up, not wanting to incur her wrath. A carpet which had admired on previous visits was directly in his line of sight, the threads in it feeling coarse on his hands and knees. He couldn’t make out the whole pattern, now, but he could see a corner of it, made up of deep reds and vibrant yellows.
Amelisa ran the pads of her fingers over his hair, her voice a silken purr, “But look how he trembles…how obedient he is…He would make me a wonderful pet. What do you say I take him off your hands, Darrius?”
“For the last time, no, I know what your ‘pets’ endure. Kailen, come over here.”
Kailen stood shakily, moving to stand by Darrius’ side; his nails digging into his palms, his fists were clenched so tightly. He couldn’t imagine the kind of treatment he would get from a woman like that, but he didn’t want to find out. He didn’t even know if she was a sorceress of not, and she frightened the wits out of him.
“I am only trying to help you, Darrius. It is your loss, not mine.” Amelisa turned and left in a huff, the door shutting firmly behind her.
Darrius shook his head, muttering something under his breath that sounded like a vehement curse. “Kailen? Could you get me some tea?”
“Of course, master.” Kailen left the room, leaving Darrius to his thoughts.
Darrius let out a noisy breath, raking his fingers back through his hair as he pondered just how he would keep Kailen from Amelisa. The woman was a menace. A thorn in his side, but even though she stung him sorely she was still of invaluable help to him at times. Unfortunately, she was wont to cause him no end of trouble, mostly in regards to acquiring Kailen. She claimed it would be a great boon to him that she take Kailen away from him, but he doubted it. Kailen was his most faithful of servants, and more than that, he was his closest ‘friend’, so to speak. He had known Kailen since the boy was young, though not much younger than he was now. Kailen knew precisely how much honey to put in his tea, how he liked things cleaned. Yes, he was invaluable to Darrius. He doubted that he would be able to ever find another like him.
He didn’t look up when Kailen re-entered the room carrying a tray with a steaming teacup and teapot on it next to a spoon and small pot containing honey. Kailen set the tray down on Darrius’ desk, spooning a small dab of honey into the tea and mixing it in, “Your tea, master.” Darrius looked up then, offering him a faint smile, taking the tea from his hands and nodding his appreciation. He took a long sip, smiling in satisfaction. It was perfect, as per usual. Kailen never failed in his duty.
“Is it adequate, master?”
“Of course, Kailen. Thank you for the tea.”
Kailen bowed, “It is my pleasure.” A small smile was visible on his face. He was pleased with himself for serving his master well.
“You may go for the evening, if you wish, Kailen. I can take care of myself for the rest of the night.” He sipped at his tea again, sighing happily. Tea was a favorite of his, and he especially enjoyed it when Kailen prepared it for him.
With one last bow, Kailen left. He traversed the halls without having to even pay much attention to where he was going; he was so used to traveling them. It took a few moments for him to reach his rooms. They weren’t far from his master’s, so that he might be on call if his master needed him at any time. Entering his room, he smiled happily. An end to a long day was always appreciated, though working for Darrius was no burden in the least.
Yawning and stretching, Kailen went over to his wardrobe and changed into a pair of light cotton pants, not bothering to put a shirt on. Though the air was chill out, it being early fall, his blanket would keep him warm enough for now. He reached up and took an intricately crafted locket off a clothes hook. He stroked his fingers reverently over it for a moment before holding it to his chest. It had belonged to his mother, though she had died several years ago. It was her most prized possession, and she had given it to him on her deathbed. Since then, he had never taken it from his room, preferring to leave it in the safety of his wardrobe.
After a moment or so of admiring it, he returned it to its hook, and went to a stand that held a washbasin and mirror. The washbasin had an intricate pattern of green vines running along the rim of it. Yawning again he washed his face, part of his preparation for bed. His head nodded forward slightly, his eyes dropping closed. He snapped back awake before he fell on the washstand, shaking his head as he made his way over to his bed, crawling under the covers and snuggling down into their warmth.


In case you didn't realize, the title is 'Absolution'.

Thank you for reading! :)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Loot & results on 9/30/07's raid. (Karazhan)

Well, we got in around 8:10. I was a bit late, as my girlfriend was sick and I felt obligated to attend to her, despite her protests. It proceeded well enough until the group fo mobs right before Midnight. We wiped, since some got loose. We get back in and everything's respawned, so we had to do it again. We got him down the next time, and he dropped [Stalker's War Bands] and [Glove of Dexterous Manipulation]. The gloves went to our, MT, a feral Druid named Calinthor. The bracers went to our Hunter class lead, Spug.

We continue on, and it takes us a couple tried to get Moroes down, we ended up having to call in another warrior. Moroes dropped Moroes' Lucky Pocket Watch and Nethershard Girdle.

We stopped ther, not going to Maiden. :( But, otherwise, a good night all in all.

Again, our website is .